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Residential Custom Architectural Service:

Full service architectural design service with a fixed fee based on percentage of construction cost.

Design Concept Sketches

This is the initial portion of the design process. This service begins with a site visit and analysis of the property. Discussions with the client help determine size of house, overall needs, number of bedrooms/baths, etc. (3) Small scale concept layouts with thumbnail exterior sketches are drawn to explore different layout possibilities. After review (1) concept or a combination of concepts is selected and then expanded upon. Working closely with the Client, final house design sketches are created by the Architect. These are larger scale hand drawn sketches with floor plans showing room layout, all exterior views, square footage and exterior material notes. This is a good point to discuss the project with possible Contractors and get initial estimates of construction cost.

Construction Drawings 

Detailed construction documents include everything needed for bidding and construction without interior finish selections. Drawings include a site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, building section, schedules, details and fireplace elevation. The structural layout, foundation plan and structural engineering fee are included. An electrical and plumbing layout plan is also completed. This service does not include interior design work such as product selections, interior elevations, cabinetry drawings, bidding assistance, or assistance during construction. This level of service is designed for the Client, who wants professional design and a complete set of contract documents, yet is comfortable with making final decisions and selections with their Contractor.

Interior Design and During Construction Services 

Any assistance needed during construction can be met with our interior and construction services. After construction drawings are complete material and product selections can be provided as needed. Plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinet styles, tile, granite and paint colors are selected with the Client’s assistance. These images and specs are assembled in a power point presentation for ease of communication and flexibility. Assistance with Contractor selection and bidding, as well as periodic site visits are often requested by our clients. These as-needed services are perfect for out-of-town Clients who want a fully designed home and an advocate for them during the building process. These hourly services are based on actual time spent at hourly rates.

Other Services:

Remodel, addition, commercial, and other services are also available. We are happy to meet your needs and budget.

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